Stranger meets a stranger

Yes friends stay
Genuine bonds are resilient
Strangers come and go

Unfortunately it is strange how we profess to having associates sugar coating mutuality of nature as a unifying chain to friendship.
Last time I asked a few people in my contact list whether really they have friends or they are just popular.
The answer was not far from any situation that many people are experiencing out here.
It is even worrying to realise that a large percentage of our population claims to know alot of strangers, and vice versa.
Some days ago there was an incident where a lady had passed on in her house. The saddening part is that her body was discovered two weeks later. This was after the tenants could no longer bare the smell around their residence.
This got me thinking, how many friends I have, and I mean genuine ones, sadly I found none. It will be so assumptive for me to say that probably you too are in a similar yoke, but only the shoe owner knows where it pinches hard.
Research alludes, out of every two popular people either in public places or social media platforms one of them is actually lonely. This only means that in as much as we are living in a technogically natured society, and we are encouraged to embrace the dynamic aspect of culture. We have to retain some few aspects of the ways of life that our forefathers used.

Being genuinely nice to everyone you meet is not the answer, trying to know the names of everyone around you is just a mirage of friendship. True friendship is caring, being deeply concerned about each other. Sharing such a mindset leads to actualising the meaning of the word friendship. As we plan to reform our associations think about this WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE? A famous quote that my highschool principal loved, live to make an impact. So that when your days on earth cease, you will be dearly missed and not ceremonially mourned.

I now walk with my head high😀

I call it the ectsacy of truth😎

I mean inverted folly😅

Starting not tomorrow but now😇

You too step a head and get a friend who will always have your back. Sanitize, stay safe, peace✌


The fear of becoming a writer and a blogger

My name is Renny and I don’t know why I wrote this. Its exactly the third say since I sighned in to have a blog site. I am just but a toddler who is aiming for the roof, but first I thought I should let you know of my greatest fear.

Many a times I usually find myself engulfed in procrastination to the extent that I end up not doing anything at all. I have always thought of having a blog account ever since I joined campus (that was 2017 August). I initially thought probably it was just not my thing (well I was lying to me😶🤧) .After I carefully thought about it I was actually afraid that maybe I will have less insights into my posts and, that was discouraging. It was a battle between my ego and my ambitions (well ego won💔🤧 that time) Here I am doing what I can to appease my conscience, it might be late but its much better than never.

I even want to convince myself that I will not care by the number of insights, likes and even comments I’ll get on this post(😂I actually do care alot, I’ll be cheking it after very short intervals😂)

What I lnow is that everyone starts from somewhere and this is my start. And one day I will look back at all this and laugh at all of It because I’ll be somewhere(😂😂sadly am not sure whether that day will come). So today I may be crawling, tommorow too, but the following days, I’ll be running on my two feet.